Cultural Revolution Style Limited Edition Posters

Our first ever

Our first ever “poster style” Cultural Revolution poster. I’ve named this one “Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman”

It’s been on my mind to do a collection of limited edition signed posters featuring our Cultural Revolution Tarot illustrations along with possibly all new artworks. Each poster would be signed personally by myself, the artist, and Christine whose ideas i brought to life in our Tarot.

I particularly like the idea of doing a few based on the the posters that were designed to educate young children (which i intend to include in the next blog).  I think those, above any other, are what stands out for me as examples of the high ideals Mao had for his country.

To the left we have our first poster entitled “Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman”.

The Cultural Revolution Tarot can be found on our site for 40 U.S dollars (at the time of writing). For the brits, this relates to little over 26 pounds. Go buy our controversial kick ass work of art and you won’t be dissappointed


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