Nazi Comparisons?

So fucking zen i can hardly stand myself

So fucking zen i can hardly stand myself

Something I have to address. Lies…more lies from Jillkite (who allegedly is currently in India amidst Tibetian refugees)…She (i think it’s a she, hard to tell with all these anonymous Aeclectic people) claims that I’ve compared our Cultural Revolution themed Tarot to nazism MORE than anyone else. This can be considered a lie within a lie. Not only have i never compared it to nazism, i have spoken about it less than those who’ve levelled this accusation at us over the past while.

The problem with the Aeclectic Tarot crowd is that they may as well be anonymous. What exactly is a “Happy Squirrel” or a “Closaprexa”. They seem to be code names, with no pictures or damn all  else to see who exactly these people are. A bunch of anonymous people who have reportedly said that they don’t understand our “mindset”…or what we were suggesting with this deck. There’s more information online about me than any of these faceless, nameless individuals.

But let’s focus on Jillkite’s suggestion that I made MORE comparisons to Nazi Germany than anyone else has…

Jillkite – James,

“You are making much more comparisons with Nazi Germany, (describing your experiences at Aushwitz, etc, etc) than anyone else has…..”

Here is my own quote visiting Auschwitz and “comparing nazism” to our Cultural Revolution Tarot deck… See if you can see where I damn myself….

James (me) – I’ve personally visited Auschwitz. I’ve walked through the gas chambers. I’ve seen the remnants of the ash in the crematoriums. I’ve been inside the cramped bunkers were the sick and weak lay dying. Hitler was an evil bastard, and nazism is disgusting. If i really believed that Mao was “as bad as Hitler” i would never have illustrated The Cultural Revolution Tarot.

See where I compared our deck to Nazi Germany? No, neither did i….again more lies by Jillkite (and for the record Jillkite, don’t ply us with “Tibet” images on the Aeclectic Tarot forum suggesting you are there because it proves nothing whatsoever)

Here are the following comments foolishly alluding to our deck being similar to that of a nazi theme…

Closrapexa – What’s next, a deck glorifying Stalin’s purges? And why not make a deck made of Nazi propaganda posters? They were just as colorful and fun as any other repressive regime, after all.

Jillkite – Sorry but I don’t feel any joy at seeing anything to do with the Cultural Revolution, it repulses me. Would someone bring out a Holocaust Tarot with colourful comic style pictures of the Nazi’s and the Holocaust, I don’t think so. The Cultural Revolution has been a kind of a Holocaust for the Tibetan people. Do the people who are creating this deck have a complete lack of awareness about that?

FLizarraga – What’s next –the Springtime for Hitler Tarot deck?

At least MaryHeather sprouts some sense (yes, you read that right, SPROUTS rather than spouts) She writes :P.S. “Enough with the “Springtime for Hitler” references. I would totally buy a deck based on the musical “The Producers”, and I’m a practicing Jew. I believe the point you’re trying to make about white supremacy and neo-nazism is Odinist decks, NOT ones based on a Broadway musical.

Closrapexa – As dictators go, Mao was not only bad, he was several times as bad other famous dictators, when going by body count alone. Counting purges, the Holocaust and WWII, Hitler probably racked up a measly 20-25 million deaths. Stalin was more active (and ruled for longer) and he killed about twenty million of his own citizens. The way he waged WWII was to not care how many soldiers died so long as he won. Consequently Russia had the largest death toll in the war, another twenty million, putting his grand total at 40-45 million.

But Mao dwarfs both of these. Between purges, “reform camps,” the “Great Leap Forward,” the Cultural Revolution, and assorted other reform movements, he managed to do away with an estimated 80 million people. He meant business. (Living in Israel, we must assume that Closrapexa has Palestinian leanings which we’re ok with. If not, i wonder how he feels about the Israeli bulldozers wiping out Palestinian houses and playgrounds)

Trzes – I read no post accusing you to be a Nazi. (ok, fair enough Trzes, i admit i jumped to conclusions) The comparisons with hypothetical and non-existent Nazi-themed decks where actually discussing the limit, beyond which some sort of critical distance would be required in order to be able to enjoy a deck. A Nazi themed deck will definitely require this, even for me. Other people here made clear that they are more strict and that the uncritical celebration of Maoism is beyond the limit for them as well. Therefore they judged your deck (still assuming propaganda to be at work) in the same way they would judge a Nazi deck. But that dosen’t imply that they equalize Nazism and Maoism (then why judge it the same way you’d JUDGE a nazi deck? excuse my ignorance) they only equalize the criteria in favour or against the appreciation of a deck for their personal use, that is being within or beyond the limit that requires critical distance.

Mydearruby writes – perhaps a devoted communist artist would consider giving everyone a deck FOR FREE for reeducation purpose? (if you knew what a communist was, you’d realise that they are allowed to make money from their labours. Why, do you work for free?

And I know these absolutely selfless comrades would be so willing just to submit all the sale profit to our beloved Aeclectic Commune! ( no, instead i created a video trying to expose you for the frauds you are. See previous post)

James (me) – My real issue is this. The Nazi comments really? Why do you think it’s ok to bring Hitler into it and imply we’re similar to Nazis? Why not ask us first if we believe in some evil genocide? You have nothing constructive to say about those who are creative, who think outside the box. You call us insensitive, and “nazi’s” and all this other crap

MaryHeather replies – I think the words you are looking for are “cult of personality” and “genocide”. In those respects, the Cultural Revolution was quite like Hitler and the Nazis.

So, yes, I think it’s completely appropriate to bring up the Third Reich in comparison to the Cultural Revolution.

And last but not least, here we have about the only intelligent comment among these people, refuting Maryheather. Trzes is someone who probably WOULD know the difference between Mao and Hitler…someone from Germany.

Trzes (in replying to MaryHeather) – You may extend the term to politically motivated mass killings of any kind. In my book that unnecessarily waters down the term. But whatever, it still leaves the Nazis in a totally different league. They bureaucratically planned the Shoah, they deliberately wanted to kill all Jews and they tried to achieve that on an industrial level. Nothing compares to that.


Ok. Enough with the Nazi bulshiit! All in all Jillkate, stop your bullshit and this pretentious idea that you’re much more knowledgable about Tibet than everyone else and that you know of the intentions of Mao. I sincerely believe that part of your beef is with the CCP AFTER MAO…which is a completely different thing. I fucking HATE what they are doing to the Falun Gong personally, i hate the persecution that exists, including the organ harvesting of the Falun Gong and other prisoners. THAT is a seperate issue in my opinion. I don’t support this and i never would. As a side note, In China a lot of the Chinese actually want to go back to  Maoism….

Look, the bottom line is that we were creating Chinese propaganda art, propaganda that was based on The Cultural Revolution event.  Just because you all pre judged us before you knew it was based on PROPAGANDA isn’t really our fault. It’s called doing a bit of research before you start spouting nonsense and assuming you know our ideals. We’ve described are Tarot as BASED ON PROPAGANDA FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. My partner, who thought up the ideas for the deck, liked the strong pro feminism visuals found in the PROPAGANDA. Yes, Mao was a feminist fighting for women’s rights.

Geez I wonder did menegazzi’s Napoleon Tarot get as much angry protests?

For the UK/Ireland only, we are offering the Cultural Revolution Tarot deck for £25.00, postage and packaging included. The offer will stay open for 2 weeks and return to the usual price of £30.34 (or 47 dollars exact).



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