Dalai What?


With the Dalai Lama having nazi friends, it is not my intention to offend Marxists by sharing this image. I’m just pointing out the fact that the Dalai Lama, by his own admission, doesn’t seem to have anti-communist sentiments…despite the alleged genocide during the Cultural Revolution.

I wanted to address something that had recently come up and being the illustrator of The Cultural Revolution Tarot I admittedly don’t know all that much about the Dalai Lama or the Tibetan uprising. I’ll be completely honest in saying that i am not a Cultural Revolution expert. Perhaps as a recent critic (someone called Jillkite) pointed out, I am “insensitive”. Possibly. How does one judge, though, if one is insensitive or not unless they actively know what they are doing is wrong, but carry on ahead with it anyway?

Who am i? Quite frankly I’m a guy who likes to draw pictures. Not necessarily a communist, not necessarily a capitalist. I don’t even know that much about China. As an illustrator i don’t feel it matters too much as long as your co-partner has a pretty good knowledge of the subject matter and i trust my partner. My domain is the visuals, not necessarily the politics, the theme or the stories, although I do my best to read up on it myself, particularly focusing on the uniforms, among other things.  It just so happened that my partner has had an interest in Propaganda art for a long time, particularly from Mao era China. Why? well, you’d have to ask her, not me. Perhaps one day though we might sit down and elaborate on that a bit more, but the point I wanted to make was that this tarot’s focus was on Propaganda art.

Of course Mao era China wasn't all smiles and sunshine. It wouldn't make great Propaganda if the posters showed doom and gloom though would it?

Of course Mao era China wasn’t all smiles and sunshine. It wouldn’t make great Propaganda if the posters showed doom and gloom though would it?

Unfortunately some have taken it as their personal mission to crush our Tarot deck and all the hard work that has gone into it. The main issue for them seems to be Tibet. What is my stance on Tibet and China’s genocide of the Tibetan people through The Cultural Revolution? There are two sides to the story of The Cultural Revolution’s involvement in Tibet however and the problem I find is that The Cultural Revolution and the modern-day CCP seems to me to have merged, in some people’s minds, into one particular thing. I know I struggled with this too. Like i mentioned in my last blog, i hate what the CCP are doing to Falun Gong practitioners today. I hate that they partake in organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners ( i also hate that the U.S is the biggest consumer of illegal organ harvesting but hey that’s business and modern-day Chinese government seem to be ok with that ) I do not agree with this at all. I also do not agree with the banning of religion. I am aware that religion was targeted during the Cultural Revolution. I did not say i agreed with it. That does not mean i cannot illustrate it to keep in line with the era we are working with in our Tarot. Just because i don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean i’m going to revise it to suit myself. We never did this with our Propaganda themed artwork either. Sure, it looks happy and optimistic, perhaps more so than how the people felt, but Propaganda is hardly known for it’s truthfulness at the best of times.

I won’t insult anyone by trying to explain something I know little about, in regards to the Dalai Lama

Coca Cola used to have a commercial

Coca Cola used to have a commercial “Have a coke and a smile”. It’s designed to make you feel happy. The country might be going down the toilet but when you get that carbonation kick at the back of your throat…who cares? lol

(and yes I’ll be sure to read more on this fascinating figure), but I will tell you a little on what I found in regards to his friendship with Mao.

I am very well aware NOW, that The Cultural Revolution clashed with Tibet and caused what some have said was a genocide against the Tibetan people. I wanted to ask Jillkite what she knew about this because it was Jillkite who pointed out that i was “insensitive” towards Tibet and its people. unfortunately the thread was closed on Aeclectic Tarot soon after my genuine questions to JillKite concerning Mao’s friendship with the Dalai Lama (coincidence? i can’t say either way) (Update: I have since been banned indefinitely from Aeclectic Tarot so i may never tap the fount of Tibetan knowledge that is jillkite)

I had no idea that Mao and the Dalai Lama were friends because it doesn’t make much sense to me that Mao (if he was a friend) would exile the Dalai Lama. Would you exile your friend? Yet i guess this happened. Why though does the Dalai Lama look back on the memories of Mao Tse Tung smiling while talking to interviewer Andrew Marr and claimed that Mao Tse Tung treated him “as a son”? He joked about Mao’s chain-smoking and commented on Mao using his chopsticks to put food on the Dalai Lama’s plate. I’m more confused than ever….then it’s revealed that the Dalai Lama is a Marxist by his own admittance? I’m not saying that Mao and the Cultural Revolution didn’t clash with Tibet because it seems that this is a fact. Yet, how can Mao be like a father to the Dalai Lama? And as the Dalai Lama points out in the interview,  that Mao treated him like a son (just in case people are thinking it was all one-sided).

Then we come to this video…

Keep in mind that the spiritual leader of Tibet is referring to the “mass murdering monster” Mao Tse Tung who caused a genocide on the Tibetan people.

“he (mao) had some special thing, a special quality. He can treat new person as an old friend”

The more i looked into his relationship with the alleged “Mass murdering” Mao the more i found that the Dalai Lama doesn’t seem to be as squeaky clean as i once thought. I liked to believe that as a buddhist, there would be no ties to nazis but then again the movie Seven years in Tibet didn’t hide the fact that Heinrich Harrer was once an SS Sergeant

In other words, i’m not sure what to think at this point. My stance on Tibet JillKite? Shit, what’s your stance on the Dalai Lama looking up to Mao as a father, having Marxist leanings, and having nazi buddies? I mean i dunno, i thought the SS were the worst of the nazis?  Perhaps we can both come up with our own conclusions on these questions we pose to each other!

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