Dear Obamanites


Obamanites, sadly, turn a blind eye to, or worse, make excuses for, the evils their own dictator is allowing to happen right in their very country.

Recently our Tarot has been the target of, what we believe is, unfair criticsm, and we wanted to address one of these issues.

In regards to the comment about our Cultural Revolution theme being the worst tarot theme ever and that we’re so insensitive, that’s complete bullshit. To begin with, we feel that it’s just a few dumb opinion from a few tired boring old sods whose noses are stuck half way up Obama’s arse. (and come to find out after i got back from a meeting that Aeclectic Tarot had a whole shitstorm going on about our Tarot over the past few weeks unbeknown to us) We also notice that many of these are indeed in favour of Obama…this is for you, because after all, we are talking about “dictators”. Let’s get down to it shall we.

We talked of irony in the last post, but here is the biggest irony. Some of the same people who are calling Mao an evil dictator who killed millions on purpose during the Great Famine, are the same people who think it’s perfectly fine to support a president who thinks it’s ok to torture, humiliate, and have an alleged “mass suicide” in Gitmo. The same people who support the only known American president to have a secret kill list, a president who has drone bombed a huge number of innocent men women and children in Pakistan. Three days into being “president” of the U.S, he had the blood of about eleven innocent people, including one child, on his hands.

Having a jolly good time at Gitmo.

Having a jolly good time at Gitmo. “wish you were here”

Ironically enough, the American government considers these drone strikes “precise” (so precise in fact that two American hostages got blown to bits by drones)

Are we to assume that the American government “precisely” wanted over 128 innocent Pakistanis

Obama did not hesitate to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. It makes one wonder how Alfred Nobel would feel if he were alive to see this.

Obama did not hesitate to receive his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for having done NOTHING for peace. It makes one wonder how Alfred Nobel would feel if he were alive to see this.

killed while trying to catch one man that most Americans have never even heard of?

Listen to this…

“Finally, on 15 October 2010, Hellfire missiles fired from a Predator or Reaper drone killed Hussain, the Pakistani Taliban later confirmed. For the death of a man whom practically no American can name, the US killed 128 people, 13 of them children, none of whom it meant to harm.” source

Remember when people talked about the evil of Bush Jr? How many Drones did Bush use? 52. Obama has used 330 on Pakistan alone (as of 2014, although there are at least 30 more in Yemen this year). Don’t get me wrong, i don’t like Bush either but all in all Obama trumps Bush in the death toll.


Obama’s “precise” drone bombs strikes again. Did you bomb the right child?
Lemme guess….Mao’s fault right?

Obama breaking international law should come as no surprise to anyone, considering that he has no respect for “his own” country, the United States. Look how he disrespects its U.S constitution, its flag, its military personnel and its civilians. You claim that creating a Tarot based on a “murdering dictator” is “the worst” theme we could have picked, yet when we look back on Obama and the huge support he has from the liberal Tarot crowd, it begs the question are you aware of the term hypocrisy? Sure, Mao may have had songs sung of him, but Obama has the very same thing. Remarkable. Obama’s “fight the smears” (AKA Orwellian thought police) went out to fight alleged smears and turn everyone in to the NSA if they spotted some “untruth” about Obama. yet Obama has consistently lied all through his “presidency”. Staggering! The Obamanites are truly brainwashed. The guy is a bloody dictator and some of these Americans still support the bastard. It’s all a big joke to this creep.

“I will not allow gridlock, or inaction, or willful indifference to get in our way.” (INCLUDING CONGRESS) – Obama

Fight The Smears website before it was put out of action. I guess how can you keep up with fighting smears when most of the smears are true

Fight The Smears website before it was put out of action. I guess how can you keep up with fighting smears when most of the smears are true

Nowadays Obama just seeks the IRS on people who speak out against him, be they reporters, news anchors, …even Gallup poll’s Jim Clifton was worried that he might dissappear for telling the truth about the unemployment statistics under Obama. Who could blame Clifton when we see how Breitbart got knocked off along with a long list of other probable victims. Oh, Obama would never do such a thing, i hear some say. Right, and he wouldn’t excuse the many hundreds of innocent children who were slaughtered by the “precise” drone bombings which Obama allowed to happen ILLEGALLY! So much for a guy who was awarded a Nobel Peace prize. You do realise that they many want him to hand it back?!

It’s America that has it’s own crazy dictator. In fact i would go as far as to say, that creating an

Here's what happens to

Here’s what happens to “Lucky” girls when nearby a U.S drone strike. Yes, the media calls this little girl lucky.

Obama Tarot would be more culturally insensitive to the entire WORLD than creating a deck specifically depicting the Chinese culture of the 60’s/70’s. Worldwide, there has been more U.S government (and i stress government because many of the U.S civilians DON’T SUPPORT THE TERROR) terrorism throughout the world than anything China has done.

Oh but Mao wanted to murder all these innocent people. It’s called a FAMINE for a reason. Famines happen because CROPS didn’t grow, not because some guy withholds food from them. We’re not saying Mao’s plans were always the best thought out, we won’t argue with that, but we consider intentional DEATH through late term abortion to be much much worse, which your saviour supports. Did you know that a Congressional report revealed that 11,000 children were murdered each year AFTER the 20th week. THESE ARE VIABLE CHILDREN. Shame on you Obamanites, you lack the brain power to see what this creep is doing in YOUR country yet think you have the right to suggest we are insensitive? You truly are ignorant.

For the UK/Ireland only, we are offering the Cultural Revolution Tarot deck for £25.00, postage and packaging included. The offer will stay open for 2 weeks and return to the usual price of £30.34 (or 47 dollars exact).



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