Check Your Reality

Since putting out our promotional offer for The Cultural Revolution Tarot on the UK, we’ve had a few bizarre comments about our work, both on our Cultural Revolution Tarot page on Facebook, and elsewhere.

I am paraphasing (because we deleted their comments as they weren’t worthy to share space on our page alongside intellectual people), but comments such as “Out of the hundreds of themes you could have picked, this has to be the worst. You are culturally insensitive!” to “The creators of the Cultural Revolution Tarot lack research because divination and religion was outlawed during Mao’s reign” Before each of the comments were deleted, each of the commentators did recieve an educated response which quieted them. Still i wanted to address them here because many others, i’m sure, may have the same questions.

These comments all seem to be coming from the U.S and rarely anywhere else…usually among so called intellectual Tarot readers.

We’re well aware that Mao removed divination, western religion but does that mean that we can’t create a Mao’s Cultural Revolution themed Tarot deck because he was against superstition/religion? It could be called irony, we can accept that, but “unresearched?”. Calling our work “unresearched” implies that Mao once demanded everyone, the world over, never to make a Tarot based on him or his ideals and exploits. Nice try buddy, but your accusation is as relevant as a chocolate fireguard.

As a sidenote. On the Great March it is reported that Mao consulted the I-ching.

See next post for the next rebuttal


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