Working On The Backs Of Our Cards


Tdhe reversible version of the backs for our cards

As those who’ve been following our progress on The Cultural Revolution Tarot on facebook know, we’re nearing the completion of our Tarot deck.

We’ve now started to works on the backs of the cards. In Tarot there are two ways of reading cards. Using reversals or reading solely uprights. We’ve decided to produce two possible versions and will decide on which one we’ll use when we near completion. So far on our facebook page and Tarot forums, we’ve got a tie between the reversible version and the non-reversed one. I personally prefer the non-reversed one as i like the idea of having many of our characters included.

Back of Cards

The Non-reversed version of our back for the cards

Someone pointed out that it would make for a great box cover. I completely agree. Unfortunatly the printers we work with don’t seem to have the option of each deck coming in a box, although before printing this is something we’d have to look into to confirm that for sure. Most of our tarots have been shipped to us shrink wrapped to make the decks as affordable as possible (which we’re all about)

We’d love your imput on this!


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