Aeclectic Assholes and Dodgy Lamas

If you’re reading this and wondering what the hell went on with the Aeclectic Tarot crowd, you’ve come to the right place. Not only was i banned from their site without a specific reason given to me personally, as you can see in the image, i was also banned, i imagine, indefinitely. I think that’s what N/A means. ( my writing continues on after the screen capture)

“WHAT ABOUT TIBET” cried Jillkite. So i asked her “What about Dalai Lama seeing Mao as a “father” – I was banned the next day

Not the most open-minded of forums, some of the Aeclectic crowd, unbeknown to me, turned against our Cultural Revolution Tarot, a week before i even made a single comment, claiming it was vulgar, morally repulsive and so on . Jillkite decided to go on what looked like a personal quest to try to ban our Tarot from potentially being included on the Aeclectic Tarot’s forum website. Yes, you heard that right….ban it! If you’ve seen the video i created featuring a few of their comments on our tarot, i like to think that like us, you will see how rediculous it all became.

The Dalai Lama looking rather sad during his time in exile. Sure is a drag meeting all these well known people

The Dalai Lama looking rather sad during his time in exile. Sure is a drag meeting all these well known people

I actually asked Jillkite, who allegedly was hanging out in India and who had the Dalai Lama as a neighbour, to enlighten me on the plight of the Tibetan people under the Cultural Revolution because apparently i was too insensitive about what happened to them during that period in time. My questions were genuine. Unfortunately i was banned without any reason given and as you can see by the screen capture the ban seems to be indefinite. Looking down the list though it doesn’t look like it’s too difficult to get banned, so it seems a bit narrow-minded honestly.

Jillkite was also quick to point out that we should be giving some our profits to charity to help the poor Tibetan people in India. Somehow i doubt very much that the Dalai Lama needs any more money considering he is hollywood’s darling and George Soros, worth over 24 billion dollars reportedly funds him . In the past the CIA also greased his palms.  Yet i’m supposed to not earn a penny from over a year and a half’s work? Interesting. Geez I dunno, it seems Jillkite and the rest of Aeclectic have been taking notes from the Dalai Lama when it comes to ostracising their fellow tarotists. You approve of this Jillkite?

Now, don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against the Dalai Lama personally, but you, Jillkite had to

Thank you for opening my eyes Jillkite. It all makes sense now. I see the comparisons too. Celebrity photoshoots, check, both have/or had mansions to live in, check, both have reportedly corrupt paedohphile priests under them, check and both, with a command, can excommunicate members in their religious community. Thank you for opening my eyes :)

Thank you for opening my eyes Jillkite. It all makes sense now. I see the comparisons too. Celebrity photoshoots, check, both have/or had mansions to live in, check, both have reportedly corrupt paedohphile priests under them, check and both, with a command, can excommunicate members in their religious community. Thank you for opening my eyes 🙂

jump up on your rightous high horse and claim that i do not care about Tibet. I think the question is, do you?  When i started to research and learn (you know, because i am so insensitive) about the Dalai Lama, i seem to have pulled up a lot more than i wanted with the flower…i pulled it up, roots, dirt and all. Maybe you could do something ACTUALLY worthwhile while you’re out in India, Jillkite, and investigate these horrible crimes against these young children at the hands of Tibetan monks instead of making it your mission to ban a Tarot deck?

Because Aeclectic people like to remain anonymous on the internet, it is virtually impossible to know who they are. (another reason i doubt jillkite’s alleged story of the Dalai Lama being a neighbour). No photo, no personality, just a username. So it’s virtually impossible to get an answer from any of these cretins. You don’t have to be a member to view some of their pages, so i was able to see the following….here is the “real reason” i was banned, not that i was told this personally…

“banned for being rude, abusive and disrespectful to Aeclectic, its members and moderators” – Right, and comparing our Tarot to nazism and assuming i am “morally repulsive” and “insensitive” isn’t disrespectful?

Here’s a list of “ACCEPTABLE” comments…

Closrapexa – This is just offensive

Jillkite:- I wonder if the powers that be at Aeclectic would consider veto-ing this deck??? Or are there no boundaries??

FLizarraga  morally repulsive (are you implying we are morally repulsive?)

LinFang – It’s a sick and horrible deck

VioletEye – leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

MoonGypsy – speechless…utterly…sad…sickened..

Annabelle – I utterly loathe it

Debra  I don’t see any reason to respect them. (gee thanks Debra…Rwcarter, are you sleeping on the job. Isn’t this considered “disrespectful?”

mydearruby –  the idea of this deck is vulgar:

closrapexa – It is offensive in my eyes

The truth of the matter is that for over a full week, unbeknown to me, these narrow-minded Aeclectic idiots were bashing our deck, picking apart MY character, my beliefs, my words on this very blog and pretty much implying that we are ok with nazism and trying to imply we have some sick twisted view of The Cultural Revolution, foolishly unaware (through their own fault) that we based our on tarot on Propaganda (which all but the dumbest of people know that Propaganda is not tied into absolute truth but more idealism) In my personal opinion these narrow-minded idiots tried to cause grave defamation of character to my partner and myself without knowing either one of us.

I'm just sooooo damn

I’m just sooooo damn “morally repulsive” and evil i can barely stand myself…oh please, give me a friggin break

But this has not been the first time, which makes me think that these Aeclectic people are closed off from reality and foster a judgemental negative hatred that isn’t really acceptable or useful to anyone outside of the Aeclectic Tarot forum. A few years ago when i illustrated King’s Journey Tarot i was the target of an abusive campaign which had people believing i was everything from ” a greedy artist” to someone who think’s “his artwork is all that” because King’s Journey was going for a high price (which i had no part in). Those who criticised me back then knew nothing of me, my personal life, my character, or how much i was being paid (pretty much zero until four years later). Yet these same kinds of people had the audacity to suggest that i was being overpaid and thought a lot of myself. Recalling all of this, I brought up the fact that Aeclectic had a “reputation”, as many had informed me that it’s influence was dwindling on the buying public. Gregory replied…

Gregory: “Hum. Your King’s Journey and Simply Deep did OK here – surely we can’t be all bad. I keep hearing about our “reputation” – I have no idea what it’s supposed to MEAN. But don’t make it sound as if you were totally unaware of us until this moment – you’ve been doing pretty well here so far.”

I wrote back..

“Exactly how did it do well? This is the SAME FORUM where members assumed they knew me, and implied that i was “probably just a greedy artist” and “he think’s he’s all that”, so on and so forth due to the price. yes….THAT reputation”

I find that the moderators and administrators are, and i suppose it’s to be expected, biased. They won’t ban these horrible comments and downright offensive allegations towards us from regulars (who more than likely are close friends of the administrators thus defeating the purpose of being moderators and administrators in the first place)

This is why, although we find it unjust to be banned permanently from the Aeclectic Tarot Forum,

I am so immoral i've illustrated two works of art for Tarot Pink for Cancer.

I am so immoral i’ve illustrated two works of art for Tarot Pink for Cancer.

we are not going to cry a river over it….YET, we believe in fairness and equality. Aeclectic has dissed (sorry, had an opinion on) our Tarot, and made defamatory remarks to both my character and my partners, for a full week before we even knew about it, so i think it’s only fair that we continue our remarks on how we feel about Aeclectic Tarot, reply to the rest of the accusations concering our Tarot and so on, for another three days. This will bring us up to a full week and this will leave us even. In Ireland it is called Tit for Tat. Others call it fair and square. Then we’ll consider dropping the issue.

P.S if you are reading this Solandia, and you want your Aeclectic Tarot website to retain some relevance, like some have suggested it once had, we would advise you to kick these idiots out. They are driving away genuine people.

The Cultural Revolution Tarot can be found on our site for 40 U.S dollars (at the time of writing). For the brits, this relates to little over 26 pounds. Go buy our controversial kick ass work of art and you won’t be dissappointed

Dalai What?


With the Dalai Lama having nazi friends, it is not my intention to offend Marxists by sharing this image. I’m just pointing out the fact that the Dalai Lama, by his own admission, doesn’t seem to have anti-communist sentiments…despite the alleged genocide during the Cultural Revolution.

I wanted to address something that had recently come up and being the illustrator of The Cultural Revolution Tarot I admittedly don’t know all that much about the Dalai Lama or the Tibetan uprising. I’ll be completely honest in saying that i am not a Cultural Revolution expert. Perhaps as a recent critic (someone called Jillkite) pointed out, I am “insensitive”. Possibly. How does one judge, though, if one is insensitive or not unless they actively know what they are doing is wrong, but carry on ahead with it anyway?

Who am i? Quite frankly I’m a guy who likes to draw pictures. Not necessarily a communist, not necessarily a capitalist. I don’t even know that much about China. As an illustrator i don’t feel it matters too much as long as your co-partner has a pretty good knowledge of the subject matter and i trust my partner. My domain is the visuals, not necessarily the politics, the theme or the stories, although I do my best to read up on it myself, particularly focusing on the uniforms, among other things.  It just so happened that my partner has had an interest in Propaganda art for a long time, particularly from Mao era China. Why? well, you’d have to ask her, not me. Perhaps one day though we might sit down and elaborate on that a bit more, but the point I wanted to make was that this tarot’s focus was on Propaganda art.

Of course Mao era China wasn't all smiles and sunshine. It wouldn't make great Propaganda if the posters showed doom and gloom though would it?

Of course Mao era China wasn’t all smiles and sunshine. It wouldn’t make great Propaganda if the posters showed doom and gloom though would it?

Unfortunately some have taken it as their personal mission to crush our Tarot deck and all the hard work that has gone into it. The main issue for them seems to be Tibet. What is my stance on Tibet and China’s genocide of the Tibetan people through The Cultural Revolution? There are two sides to the story of The Cultural Revolution’s involvement in Tibet however and the problem I find is that The Cultural Revolution and the modern-day CCP seems to me to have merged, in some people’s minds, into one particular thing. I know I struggled with this too. Like i mentioned in my last blog, i hate what the CCP are doing to Falun Gong practitioners today. I hate that they partake in organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners ( i also hate that the U.S is the biggest consumer of illegal organ harvesting but hey that’s business and modern-day Chinese government seem to be ok with that ) I do not agree with this at all. I also do not agree with the banning of religion. I am aware that religion was targeted during the Cultural Revolution. I did not say i agreed with it. That does not mean i cannot illustrate it to keep in line with the era we are working with in our Tarot. Just because i don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean i’m going to revise it to suit myself. We never did this with our Propaganda themed artwork either. Sure, it looks happy and optimistic, perhaps more so than how the people felt, but Propaganda is hardly known for it’s truthfulness at the best of times.

I won’t insult anyone by trying to explain something I know little about, in regards to the Dalai Lama

Coca Cola used to have a commercial

Coca Cola used to have a commercial “Have a coke and a smile”. It’s designed to make you feel happy. The country might be going down the toilet but when you get that carbonation kick at the back of your throat…who cares? lol

(and yes I’ll be sure to read more on this fascinating figure), but I will tell you a little on what I found in regards to his friendship with Mao.

I am very well aware NOW, that The Cultural Revolution clashed with Tibet and caused what some have said was a genocide against the Tibetan people. I wanted to ask Jillkite what she knew about this because it was Jillkite who pointed out that i was “insensitive” towards Tibet and its people. unfortunately the thread was closed on Aeclectic Tarot soon after my genuine questions to JillKite concerning Mao’s friendship with the Dalai Lama (coincidence? i can’t say either way) (Update: I have since been banned indefinitely from Aeclectic Tarot so i may never tap the fount of Tibetan knowledge that is jillkite)

I had no idea that Mao and the Dalai Lama were friends because it doesn’t make much sense to me that Mao (if he was a friend) would exile the Dalai Lama. Would you exile your friend? Yet i guess this happened. Why though does the Dalai Lama look back on the memories of Mao Tse Tung smiling while talking to interviewer Andrew Marr and claimed that Mao Tse Tung treated him “as a son”? He joked about Mao’s chain-smoking and commented on Mao using his chopsticks to put food on the Dalai Lama’s plate. I’m more confused than ever….then it’s revealed that the Dalai Lama is a Marxist by his own admittance? I’m not saying that Mao and the Cultural Revolution didn’t clash with Tibet because it seems that this is a fact. Yet, how can Mao be like a father to the Dalai Lama? And as the Dalai Lama points out in the interview,  that Mao treated him like a son (just in case people are thinking it was all one-sided).

Then we come to this video…

Keep in mind that the spiritual leader of Tibet is referring to the “mass murdering monster” Mao Tse Tung who caused a genocide on the Tibetan people.

“he (mao) had some special thing, a special quality. He can treat new person as an old friend”

The more i looked into his relationship with the alleged “Mass murdering” Mao the more i found that the Dalai Lama doesn’t seem to be as squeaky clean as i once thought. I liked to believe that as a buddhist, there would be no ties to nazis but then again the movie Seven years in Tibet didn’t hide the fact that Heinrich Harrer was once an SS Sergeant

In other words, i’m not sure what to think at this point. My stance on Tibet JillKite? Shit, what’s your stance on the Dalai Lama looking up to Mao as a father, having Marxist leanings, and having nazi buddies? I mean i dunno, i thought the SS were the worst of the nazis?  Perhaps we can both come up with our own conclusions on these questions we pose to each other!

For the UK/Ireland only, we are offering the Cultural Revolution Tarot deck for £25.00, postage and packaging included. The offer will stay open for 2 weeks and return to the usual price of £30.34 (or 47 dollars exact).


Nazi Comparisons?

So fucking zen i can hardly stand myself

So fucking zen i can hardly stand myself

Something I have to address. Lies…more lies from Jillkite (who allegedly is currently in India amidst Tibetian refugees)…She (i think it’s a she, hard to tell with all these anonymous Aeclectic people) claims that I’ve compared our Cultural Revolution themed Tarot to nazism MORE than anyone else. This can be considered a lie within a lie. Not only have i never compared it to nazism, i have spoken about it less than those who’ve levelled this accusation at us over the past while.

The problem with the Aeclectic Tarot crowd is that they may as well be anonymous. What exactly is a “Happy Squirrel” or a “Closaprexa”. They seem to be code names, with no pictures or damn all  else to see who exactly these people are. A bunch of anonymous people who have reportedly said that they don’t understand our “mindset”…or what we were suggesting with this deck. There’s more information online about me than any of these faceless, nameless individuals.

But let’s focus on Jillkite’s suggestion that I made MORE comparisons to Nazi Germany than anyone else has…

Jillkite – James,

“You are making much more comparisons with Nazi Germany, (describing your experiences at Aushwitz, etc, etc) than anyone else has…..”

Here is my own quote visiting Auschwitz and “comparing nazism” to our Cultural Revolution Tarot deck… See if you can see where I damn myself….

James (me) – I’ve personally visited Auschwitz. I’ve walked through the gas chambers. I’ve seen the remnants of the ash in the crematoriums. I’ve been inside the cramped bunkers were the sick and weak lay dying. Hitler was an evil bastard, and nazism is disgusting. If i really believed that Mao was “as bad as Hitler” i would never have illustrated The Cultural Revolution Tarot.

See where I compared our deck to Nazi Germany? No, neither did i….again more lies by Jillkite (and for the record Jillkite, don’t ply us with “Tibet” images on the Aeclectic Tarot forum suggesting you are there because it proves nothing whatsoever)

Here are the following comments foolishly alluding to our deck being similar to that of a nazi theme…

Closrapexa – What’s next, a deck glorifying Stalin’s purges? And why not make a deck made of Nazi propaganda posters? They were just as colorful and fun as any other repressive regime, after all.

Jillkite – Sorry but I don’t feel any joy at seeing anything to do with the Cultural Revolution, it repulses me. Would someone bring out a Holocaust Tarot with colourful comic style pictures of the Nazi’s and the Holocaust, I don’t think so. The Cultural Revolution has been a kind of a Holocaust for the Tibetan people. Do the people who are creating this deck have a complete lack of awareness about that?

FLizarraga – What’s next –the Springtime for Hitler Tarot deck?

At least MaryHeather sprouts some sense (yes, you read that right, SPROUTS rather than spouts) She writes :P.S. “Enough with the “Springtime for Hitler” references. I would totally buy a deck based on the musical “The Producers”, and I’m a practicing Jew. I believe the point you’re trying to make about white supremacy and neo-nazism is Odinist decks, NOT ones based on a Broadway musical.

Closrapexa – As dictators go, Mao was not only bad, he was several times as bad other famous dictators, when going by body count alone. Counting purges, the Holocaust and WWII, Hitler probably racked up a measly 20-25 million deaths. Stalin was more active (and ruled for longer) and he killed about twenty million of his own citizens. The way he waged WWII was to not care how many soldiers died so long as he won. Consequently Russia had the largest death toll in the war, another twenty million, putting his grand total at 40-45 million.

But Mao dwarfs both of these. Between purges, “reform camps,” the “Great Leap Forward,” the Cultural Revolution, and assorted other reform movements, he managed to do away with an estimated 80 million people. He meant business. (Living in Israel, we must assume that Closrapexa has Palestinian leanings which we’re ok with. If not, i wonder how he feels about the Israeli bulldozers wiping out Palestinian houses and playgrounds)

Trzes – I read no post accusing you to be a Nazi. (ok, fair enough Trzes, i admit i jumped to conclusions) The comparisons with hypothetical and non-existent Nazi-themed decks where actually discussing the limit, beyond which some sort of critical distance would be required in order to be able to enjoy a deck. A Nazi themed deck will definitely require this, even for me. Other people here made clear that they are more strict and that the uncritical celebration of Maoism is beyond the limit for them as well. Therefore they judged your deck (still assuming propaganda to be at work) in the same way they would judge a Nazi deck. But that dosen’t imply that they equalize Nazism and Maoism (then why judge it the same way you’d JUDGE a nazi deck? excuse my ignorance) they only equalize the criteria in favour or against the appreciation of a deck for their personal use, that is being within or beyond the limit that requires critical distance.

Mydearruby writes – perhaps a devoted communist artist would consider giving everyone a deck FOR FREE for reeducation purpose? (if you knew what a communist was, you’d realise that they are allowed to make money from their labours. Why, do you work for free?

And I know these absolutely selfless comrades would be so willing just to submit all the sale profit to our beloved Aeclectic Commune! ( no, instead i created a video trying to expose you for the frauds you are. See previous post)

James (me) – My real issue is this. The Nazi comments really? Why do you think it’s ok to bring Hitler into it and imply we’re similar to Nazis? Why not ask us first if we believe in some evil genocide? You have nothing constructive to say about those who are creative, who think outside the box. You call us insensitive, and “nazi’s” and all this other crap

MaryHeather replies – I think the words you are looking for are “cult of personality” and “genocide”. In those respects, the Cultural Revolution was quite like Hitler and the Nazis.

So, yes, I think it’s completely appropriate to bring up the Third Reich in comparison to the Cultural Revolution.

And last but not least, here we have about the only intelligent comment among these people, refuting Maryheather. Trzes is someone who probably WOULD know the difference between Mao and Hitler…someone from Germany.

Trzes (in replying to MaryHeather) – You may extend the term to politically motivated mass killings of any kind. In my book that unnecessarily waters down the term. But whatever, it still leaves the Nazis in a totally different league. They bureaucratically planned the Shoah, they deliberately wanted to kill all Jews and they tried to achieve that on an industrial level. Nothing compares to that.


Ok. Enough with the Nazi bulshiit! All in all Jillkate, stop your bullshit and this pretentious idea that you’re much more knowledgable about Tibet than everyone else and that you know of the intentions of Mao. I sincerely believe that part of your beef is with the CCP AFTER MAO…which is a completely different thing. I fucking HATE what they are doing to the Falun Gong personally, i hate the persecution that exists, including the organ harvesting of the Falun Gong and other prisoners. THAT is a seperate issue in my opinion. I don’t support this and i never would. As a side note, In China a lot of the Chinese actually want to go back to  Maoism….

Look, the bottom line is that we were creating Chinese propaganda art, propaganda that was based on The Cultural Revolution event.  Just because you all pre judged us before you knew it was based on PROPAGANDA isn’t really our fault. It’s called doing a bit of research before you start spouting nonsense and assuming you know our ideals. We’ve described are Tarot as BASED ON PROPAGANDA FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. My partner, who thought up the ideas for the deck, liked the strong pro feminism visuals found in the PROPAGANDA. Yes, Mao was a feminist fighting for women’s rights.

Geez I wonder did menegazzi’s Napoleon Tarot get as much angry protests?

For the UK/Ireland only, we are offering the Cultural Revolution Tarot deck for £25.00, postage and packaging included. The offer will stay open for 2 weeks and return to the usual price of £30.34 (or 47 dollars exact).


Move Over Crowley – Say No To Aecletic Tarot

You thought  Aleister “The Beast” Crowley, the “Most Wickedest Man in the World” was bad?

Apparantly we’re worse. Sorry Crowley, but the voice of the people have spoken. Crowley’s ( who it is said is a self-proclaimed paedophile and supporter of child sacrifice) Thoth is lauded as one of the greats along with Waite Smith’s Tarot across the vast majority of Tarot forums and websites, but our Cultural Revolution Tarot is being considered for censorship, blacklisting, even a poll for an outright ban on Aeclectic Tarot.

Without further ado, I, perverse penciller, artist of antagonism, illustrator of ill, drawer of doom, present to you a vulgar video of villanous villany

Revolution – The Dirty Word


American REVOLUTIONARY war of Independence.

I don’t hear any Americans complaining about those poor innocent red coats. I don’t hear of American’s refusing to acknowledge Independence Day

“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” – Mao Tse Tung

If you’re reading this, be you a communist, a tarotist, or generally interested person, and wondered why my rants were aimed at Americans, it was because most (in my opinion, i might be wrong, i am human) of the comments were coming from the U.S…you know, that place that without revolution, would still be a British colony. I mean for heaven’s sake i know your succession of presidents has well and truly taken most of your independence away now ( and through debt you’re ironically shackled to China) but your memory can’t be that bad. You separated yourself from Britain through a REVOLUTION. By complaining about revolution some of you have already condemned your forefathers.

Yes I attacked Obama. Please read it through and follow the links. I didn’t put links in there for fun, I put them in there to prove my point. Then again, trying to convince an Obamanite (who still supports Obama in 2015) that Obama is considered one of the worst presidents in U.S history is like trying to convince Al Gore that climate change was a reality long before the use of fossil fuels. But that’s enough about Barrack “Renegade” Obama. Sure IRS targeting and drone warfare may be Obama’s weapons of choice, but drone warfare existed long before Obama, so the tools of corruption were already there under certain other crazies.

Some of our cards could be perceived to be a little hard-hitting depending on how you view America. I felt it necessary to clarify that I am not Anti U.S The Native American genocide was never to my taste but I don’t blame/hate today’s U.S citizens for that, any more than i blame them for drone bombing pakistan. That being said it’s your patriotic duty to at least get behind any attempt to  impeach the guy who’s trying to destroy your constitution, before looking outside the country for enemy combatants.

Another thing i want to reiterate. I don’t hate America. I recently read a comment on Aeclectic Tarot where someone suggested in one of my posts that writing “I don’t hate America” was an irrelevant point. Of course it’s Irrelevant if you take it out of context. Most things taken out of context usually are. I was referring to our Strength card where the woman at the front of the crowd tears old glory in two. I was referring to my own personal stance in the off-chance that some dumb ass thinks I hate America. My partner is Japanese – American. The point i was trying to make is that I love the United States as a country. I’ve been back and forth there many times. I’ve spent time in a range of states from Ohio and Tennessee to Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It’s a great country with great culture, food, people, weather and so on. As a government however, I think most can see that the U.S government has been responsible for its fair share of destruction. We don’t sugarcoat it in the art, but it doesn’t mean I hate America as a nation of people (which, yes, this HAS been suggested)

Ever since an early age I had an interest in Native American life. I’m not sure why. As i got older though I liked to look at ancient discovery maps of America imagining what it would be like to see those lands for the first time. I read everything from Charles Eastman’s books to the Trail of Tears, Bury me at Wounded Knee and so on. I think it’s horrible what happened to the natives and still happens to this day. I believe that Leonard Peltier is innocent. Yet I don’t hate modern-day U.S  citizens because their ancestors did this to the natives. What happened, happened. I don’t agree with it but it happened regardless.

This was precisely why I was bringing up the likes of Obama in the first place, and now I’m bringing up the genocide of the native american people….hey, you drew first blood in this argument, not me. As for my British critics…come on, your government has been accused of genocide from friggin time immemorial, so stop shitting on my doorstep. How many countries did Britain colonise?


To our British critics. You do realise that your own country is probably the worst of the fucking lot? The British Empire colonised about 90 percent of the world. I don’t think I would be out of line to suggest that your succession of Monarchs have killed more innocent human beings in the entire world than those that died during the Cultural Revolution….and i’m a bad guy for illustrating Chinese Propaganda posters. Right….

The picture on the left is taken from an article in the Telegraph . I don’t dislike British people because of what the monarchies/governments have done because we KNOW that these higher powers often do not act on behalf of their subjects. Colonising a country is always a messy business and it’s mostly always the natives who suffer the most. Genocide has played heavily in many of these colonisation processes along with racism, violence, detruction of property, even torture.

I leave you with a list of the countries that Britain colonised in case you’re curious Thank you for reading…

Antigua and Barbuda
British Antarctic Territory
British Central Africa
British East Africa
British Guiana
British Honduras
British Indian Ocean Territory
British New Guinea (Papua)
British Somaliland
British South Africa Company
Cape Colony – South Africa
Ceylon – see Sri Lanka
Cook Islands
East India Company
Federated Malay States
Gilbert and Ellice Islands
Gold Coast
Ionian Islands
Hong Kong
Lagos (Nigeria)
Leeward Islands
Liu Kung Tau
Mosquito Coast, Nicaragua
New Hebrides
New Zealand
Niger Coast Protectorate
North Borneo (Sabah)
Northern Nigeria
Northern Rhodesia
Orange River Colony
Royal Niger Company
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Saint Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Southern Nigeria
Southern Rhodesia
Straits Settlements
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
United States of America (Then known as 13 colonies)
Unfederated Malay States
Weiheiwei, China
West African Settlements
West Indies Federation
West Pacific
Western Samoa
Windward Islands
Witu Protectorate

The Cultural Revolution Tarot can be found on our site for 40 U.S dollars (at the time of writing). For the brits, this relates to little over 26 pounds. Go buy our controversial kick ass work of art and you won’t be dissappointed


Dear Obamanites


Obamanites, sadly, turn a blind eye to, or worse, make excuses for, the evils their own dictator is allowing to happen right in their very country.

Recently our Tarot has been the target of, what we believe is, unfair criticsm, and we wanted to address one of these issues.

In regards to the comment about our Cultural Revolution theme being the worst tarot theme ever and that we’re so insensitive, that’s complete bullshit. To begin with, we feel that it’s just a few dumb opinion from a few tired boring old sods whose noses are stuck half way up Obama’s arse. (and come to find out after i got back from a meeting that Aeclectic Tarot had a whole shitstorm going on about our Tarot over the past few weeks unbeknown to us) We also notice that many of these are indeed in favour of Obama…this is for you, because after all, we are talking about “dictators”. Let’s get down to it shall we.

We talked of irony in the last post, but here is the biggest irony. Some of the same people who are calling Mao an evil dictator who killed millions on purpose during the Great Famine, are the same people who think it’s perfectly fine to support a president who thinks it’s ok to torture, humiliate, and have an alleged “mass suicide” in Gitmo. The same people who support the only known American president to have a secret kill list, a president who has drone bombed a huge number of innocent men women and children in Pakistan. Three days into being “president” of the U.S, he had the blood of about eleven innocent people, including one child, on his hands.

Having a jolly good time at Gitmo.

Having a jolly good time at Gitmo. “wish you were here”

Ironically enough, the American government considers these drone strikes “precise” (so precise in fact that two American hostages got blown to bits by drones)

Are we to assume that the American government “precisely” wanted over 128 innocent Pakistanis

Obama did not hesitate to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. It makes one wonder how Alfred Nobel would feel if he were alive to see this.

Obama did not hesitate to receive his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for having done NOTHING for peace. It makes one wonder how Alfred Nobel would feel if he were alive to see this.

killed while trying to catch one man that most Americans have never even heard of?

Listen to this…

“Finally, on 15 October 2010, Hellfire missiles fired from a Predator or Reaper drone killed Hussain, the Pakistani Taliban later confirmed. For the death of a man whom practically no American can name, the US killed 128 people, 13 of them children, none of whom it meant to harm.” source

Remember when people talked about the evil of Bush Jr? How many Drones did Bush use? 52. Obama has used 330 on Pakistan alone (as of 2014, although there are at least 30 more in Yemen this year). Don’t get me wrong, i don’t like Bush either but all in all Obama trumps Bush in the death toll.


Obama’s “precise” drone bombs strikes again. Did you bomb the right child?
Lemme guess….Mao’s fault right?

Obama breaking international law should come as no surprise to anyone, considering that he has no respect for “his own” country, the United States. Look how he disrespects its U.S constitution, its flag, its military personnel and its civilians. You claim that creating a Tarot based on a “murdering dictator” is “the worst” theme we could have picked, yet when we look back on Obama and the huge support he has from the liberal Tarot crowd, it begs the question are you aware of the term hypocrisy? Sure, Mao may have had songs sung of him, but Obama has the very same thing. Remarkable. Obama’s “fight the smears” (AKA Orwellian thought police) went out to fight alleged smears and turn everyone in to the NSA if they spotted some “untruth” about Obama. yet Obama has consistently lied all through his “presidency”. Staggering! The Obamanites are truly brainwashed. The guy is a bloody dictator and some of these Americans still support the bastard. It’s all a big joke to this creep.

“I will not allow gridlock, or inaction, or willful indifference to get in our way.” (INCLUDING CONGRESS) – Obama

Fight The Smears website before it was put out of action. I guess how can you keep up with fighting smears when most of the smears are true

Fight The Smears website before it was put out of action. I guess how can you keep up with fighting smears when most of the smears are true

Nowadays Obama just seeks the IRS on people who speak out against him, be they reporters, news anchors, …even Gallup poll’s Jim Clifton was worried that he might dissappear for telling the truth about the unemployment statistics under Obama. Who could blame Clifton when we see how Breitbart got knocked off along with a long list of other probable victims. Oh, Obama would never do such a thing, i hear some say. Right, and he wouldn’t excuse the many hundreds of innocent children who were slaughtered by the “precise” drone bombings which Obama allowed to happen ILLEGALLY! So much for a guy who was awarded a Nobel Peace prize. You do realise that they many want him to hand it back?!

It’s America that has it’s own crazy dictator. In fact i would go as far as to say, that creating an

Here's what happens to

Here’s what happens to “Lucky” girls when nearby a U.S drone strike. Yes, the media calls this little girl lucky.

Obama Tarot would be more culturally insensitive to the entire WORLD than creating a deck specifically depicting the Chinese culture of the 60’s/70’s. Worldwide, there has been more U.S government (and i stress government because many of the U.S civilians DON’T SUPPORT THE TERROR) terrorism throughout the world than anything China has done.

Oh but Mao wanted to murder all these innocent people. It’s called a FAMINE for a reason. Famines happen because CROPS didn’t grow, not because some guy withholds food from them. We’re not saying Mao’s plans were always the best thought out, we won’t argue with that, but we consider intentional DEATH through late term abortion to be much much worse, which your saviour supports. Did you know that a Congressional report revealed that 11,000 children were murdered each year AFTER the 20th week. THESE ARE VIABLE CHILDREN. Shame on you Obamanites, you lack the brain power to see what this creep is doing in YOUR country yet think you have the right to suggest we are insensitive? You truly are ignorant.

For the UK/Ireland only, we are offering the Cultural Revolution Tarot deck for £25.00, postage and packaging included. The offer will stay open for 2 weeks and return to the usual price of £30.34 (or 47 dollars exact).


Check Your Reality

Since putting out our promotional offer for The Cultural Revolution Tarot on the UK, we’ve had a few bizarre comments about our work, both on our Cultural Revolution Tarot page on Facebook, and elsewhere.

I am paraphasing (because we deleted their comments as they weren’t worthy to share space on our page alongside intellectual people), but comments such as “Out of the hundreds of themes you could have picked, this has to be the worst. You are culturally insensitive!” to “The creators of the Cultural Revolution Tarot lack research because divination and religion was outlawed during Mao’s reign” Before each of the comments were deleted, each of the commentators did recieve an educated response which quieted them. Still i wanted to address them here because many others, i’m sure, may have the same questions.

These comments all seem to be coming from the U.S and rarely anywhere else…usually among so called intellectual Tarot readers.

We’re well aware that Mao removed divination, western religion but does that mean that we can’t create a Mao’s Cultural Revolution themed Tarot deck because he was against superstition/religion? It could be called irony, we can accept that, but “unresearched?”. Calling our work “unresearched” implies that Mao once demanded everyone, the world over, never to make a Tarot based on him or his ideals and exploits. Nice try buddy, but your accusation is as relevant as a chocolate fireguard.

As a sidenote. On the Great March it is reported that Mao consulted the I-ching.

See next post for the next rebuttal

Cultural Revolution Youtube Banner

We’ve recently updated our banner over on youtube.

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Working On The Backs Of Our Cards


Tdhe reversible version of the backs for our cards

As those who’ve been following our progress on The Cultural Revolution Tarot on facebook know, we’re nearing the completion of our Tarot deck.

We’ve now started to works on the backs of the cards. In Tarot there are two ways of reading cards. Using reversals or reading solely uprights. We’ve decided to produce two possible versions and will decide on which one we’ll use when we near completion. So far on our facebook page and Tarot forums, we’ve got a tie between the reversible version and the non-reversed one. I personally prefer the non-reversed one as i like the idea of having many of our characters included.

Back of Cards

The Non-reversed version of our back for the cards

Someone pointed out that it would make for a great box cover. I completely agree. Unfortunatly the printers we work with don’t seem to have the option of each deck coming in a box, although before printing this is something we’d have to look into to confirm that for sure. Most of our tarots have been shipped to us shrink wrapped to make the decks as affordable as possible (which we’re all about)

We’d love your imput on this!

A New World

WorldWe’ve recently introduced a new World card for our Cultural Revolution Tarot. More than likely, somewhere down the line, we’ll gather up the illustrations for the cards that we didn’t use and possibly do a limited edition run, because we know a lot of you have expressed interest in these too. Admittedly we like them as well, but for this very first edition of The Cultural Revolution Tarot (or i should say, the official version) we felt that creating all new artworks for particular cards brought a more fitting visual meaning to the cards and represents our Tarot better

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