Christian and Communist?

After the various comments coming through consisting of scriptural messages on these posts, i felt compelled to add a little of my views on communism, Christianity and why the two can be compatible. I am not going to go into Marxism, Leninism or even Maoism, because ultimately these are, in my opinion, interpretations of how best to have a communist society, not communism itself. Secondly, i don’t know much about them (Ironic, considering i am the illustrator for The Cultural Revolution Tarot? Not really, my partner Christine who’s idea it was to create this themed Tarot deck, keeps me on track with her lifelong love of Maoism).

The scriptural comments never bother me at all, which is why i allow them here, but i recognize that they are off topic and for that reason i’m inclined to believe that those posting the scriptural messages either have a problem with communism or the fact that we’re creating a Tarot deck. The latter i cannot really comment on at this point, but let’s look at the former.

Communism is the arch enemy of capitalism, NOT Christianity. It’s true that there are a great number of atheist communists and this has been shown, not only in some of the communist philosophies, but in the abolition of religion and the breaking down of religious statues and persecution of the church. This still goes on today, with Christians meeting in secret like in the days of old. Nowadays Christians can be found meeting in secret under oppressive communist governments…

Unfortunately the persecution of Christ’s followers has been going on since the very first disciples proclaimed that they were believers. Under the Roman Empire they suffered greatly, and this has continued throughout the world, with attacks coming from Muslims through to, as we can see, communist governments. But does this make communism itself an evil, or the people who call themselves communists. Most of those who took part in the crusades and the witch hunts and even the “Christianization” of indigenous people were not exactly Christ like, but they were going under the guise of Christianity. So we cannot say that the idea of Christianity or communism is bad, but the actions of those who act out their aggression under it.

While i cannot speak for Christine, i personally feel that any communist government set up to function without, at the very least, the acceptance/tolerance of God and followers of God, will never really work because i feel that man is both a spiritual being and a physical being. So for me, atheistic communism is a bit like saying to its people, you can have food, but you aren’t allowed water. You need both to survive. Even if you think you can survive without water, it’s not going to happen. I think the same way about man’s spirituality AND communism. Yes folks, i have come to the conclusion that man needs both God and communism to survive, which may sound ironic and that the two are as different as fire and ice, but are they really?

Christ teaches that in order to live right according to the Lord, we must change our ways. We’re told by Christ  that “If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also.“Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.…”…hardly the words of a Capitalist are they? What Christ’s teachings seem to be saying is that we have to be willing to share what we have, for by helping others we are helping our own selves, possibly spiritually, but also physically because when you share, you’re much more inclined to be able to have the favour returned to you when you are in need. A capitalist country has little concept of this because capitalist thrives on acquiring more than you need, the opposite of sharing. In other words, when we are children we are taught to share, but as we grow up we are told to save, to hoard, for some far flung dilemma we “may” encounter in the future which may never actually happen, despite the fact that people RIGHT NOW are in need of help.

Christ teaches “Sell your possessions and give to charity; make yourselves money belts which do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near nor moth destroys. Luke 12 :33

At its core, communism teaches to share the wealth rather than hoard it and this is what Christ taught also. communism is not really about removing God from society, although unfortunately it has turned into that. communism is essentially community, the community spirit where you know your neighbor and care about him/her. Common thoughts conjured up by the West concerning communism includes everything from “God hating Ruskies” to North Korea’s alleged wish to nuke the hell out of America because of some movie that Hollywood churned out in a hyped up publicity stunt, but again, the very first disciples were actually communist and so it would appear that anyone who paints communism itself as evil, either do not know what communism truly means, or are in accordance with Anti-Christ thinking.

It is not communism that is destroying the Amazon drinking water for the indigenous people, it is capitalism. It is not communism causing all the homelessness in America, it is capitalism. Communism at its heart promotes equality, but capitalism by its very nature demands that the many MUST be poor in order that the few can be super rich. Anyone who reads the bible can clearly see that this is the opposite of Christianity, considering that Christ taught that a rich man cannot enter heaven (or, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, which is virtually impossible).

Before we suggest, without sound thinking, that the capitalist countries we find ourselves in are Christian and that God has blessed those lands, we must ask ourselves if God really did bless those capitalists lands or are we under what the bible calls, strong delusion? Surely it is deluded to believe that God would bless a land who’s society is virtually based on the idea of taking from the poor in order to make filthy rich, the select few. That’s a bit like saying that God smiles happily upon Anti-Christ and pats him on the back for all of his deeds. Investigate for yourselves what Christ taught and see for yourselves that it is the very antithesis of self righteous, Christian endorsed, capitalism.


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